Deep Freeze

One of the trendy words of the last few years is "unprecedented."  Every time I hear that word, I can't help but start to do an eye roll.  Here, in Wisconsin, we aren't breaking any weather records.  It's just cold and snowy.  Usually, all that means is that we need to dress more warmly before heading outside.

Despite the subzero temperatures and snowbanks, it's a beautiful time of year.

Frozen Waterfalls



The best part is we don't have to go very far to enjoy winter recreation; it's right outside our front or back door.  


Our small vineyard

the backyard

We've been enjoying the first month of real retirement without the presence of adult children.  However, last weekend, we entertained Jill, Julia's sister from Kentucky, who was here to visit their dad, Gene, in hospice.  

Julia, Jill, brother Scott, and Gene

Gene has good days and bad days.  One day he is engaged in the conversation, teasing and joking.  Other days, he is out of it and can't swallow food or water.  We're grateful that he is now getting the care that he needs for the time of life that he is at.  Gene worked as a computer guy (mainframes), but loved the outdoors best (hunting and fishing). 

That night, I made bibimbap, one of Korea's national dishes.  We first tried it when we adopted Justin in South Korea.  It took us a couple of years to find the stone bowls to make it in. 

Rice is the bottom layer with a small circle left open.  Stir fried vegetables and a protein are colorfully arranged on top of the rice and along the sides of the stone bowl.  The final step is to place the stone bowl directly over the gas flame.  An egg is placed in the empty circle at the bottom for the last few minutes. Fermented hot chili paste, called Gochujang,  is optional (but we like it). 

Served with Kimchi and Bell's Two-Hearted Ale



  1. Well down here in Central Texas we are breaking records by the hour, so I will unapologetically use "unprecedented" until this crap heads back up your way where it belongs!

  2. Man, I am so sorry that you have to go through your winter storm. Based on what I'm reading, your weather hasn't been around Texas since the 1800's. So while it may not be unprecedented, I understand the sentiment. Julia, who has a thing about turtles, is ready to drive down to Corpus to join the the rescue efforts for the sea turtles. Given that your weather is supposed to change next week, maybe that isn't such a bad idea, although they claim they have all the help they need right now (for the turtles).

    1. A noble sentiment, but frankly the last thing Texas needs right now, and through at least next week, as it picks itself back up and gets the supply-chain and water systems operating again is more people straining the infrastructure. For us personally it was, and still is, an inconvenience (Oh my! We're having to eat robust slaw-mix in place of tender lettuce and baby-spinach because the stores not not open nor stocked!) but nothing dangerous. That's part luck and part preparation. More details in Monday's post.


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