Breaking Trail on White Tara

 This is a post for the third day of our trip to the northern Wisconsin border.  Microspikes would have been a better choice for most of the trail conditions, but we were wearing snowshoes.  Not surprisingly, our best memories are of the short, unmaintained White Tara Trail, where our snowshoes broke through fresh snow.

The trail system is called the Three Eagle Trail--just south of Eagle River, Wisconsin.  The specific property that we were on is called Tara Li.  Most of the property was machine-tracked for cross country skiing:  striding and skating.  Some of the trails were marked for snowshoes, but these were mostly machine-packed also.

The entire property was so beautiful.  This is an area inhabited by bears, wolves, and many other animals.  

Just past the bridge, we saw a narrow, winding trail with fresh snow veer to the right.  An intriguing sign waited for us.

The deeper snow and downed trees across the unmaintained trail forced us to slow down and be more aware of our surroundings.  The heavy woods made me feel  like we were Hansel and Gretel, walking toward the witch's gingerbread house.  Alas, we never found the witch, but we enjoyed the trail immensely.

It was time to head home.  At present, we are settling into the daily routines of retirement.  I've been hiking every day--mostly at the marsh or at Gibraltar Rock.  Julia has been cross-country skiing almost every day.  We are trying to decide where our next trip should be.  

One of Justin's caregivers turned out to be a dud (didn't show up three out of four days and was late on the day he showed up).  Justin is in the process of hiring someone who will replace most of the hours, but the vetting takes several weeks.  Julia had to drive to Whitewater to fill a shift Sunday.  I'm on deck, although this week looks set.

That makes any longer trips problematic.  It's probably better to stick closer to home anyway.  One of these days though, we are going to make another run to the border (Wisconsin's border anyway).  Justin is supposed to be eligible for the vaccine around March 1st.  Ironically, as part of Justin's caregiving team, we are already eligible. Even Justin's young friends who help out occasionally without pay are eligible. That doesn't  make sense to me with Justin being high-risk.  

No one put me in charge of things, and that's probably a good idea. 




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