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Moving Forward

The third time was not the charm. Justin made it seven days off intubation and into intermediate care for one night before both his oxygen and blood pressure dropped to unsustainable levels.  The ICU doctor told us that it was a crisis situation, and there was no choice but to do a fourth intubation.   Justin certainly gave it his best shot. After weighing the choices (a high chance of fatal respiratory failure or a tracheostomy and an intimate connection with a ventilator, Justin decided to go ahead with the tracheostomy.  Things will change, but Justin has adjusted to physical changes for his entire life.   Julia and I are both relieved.  There will certainly be challenges ahead, and Justin isn't out of the woods yet, but this is a path forward.  There will be three to four weeks of recovery after tomorrow's surgery, and he is still dealing with the spinal fractures.   One day this week at ICU, I got a call on my phone from an unknown number.  It turned out to be the local ho

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