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One Step Forward, One Step Back

I try to write one blog post per week when I'm not traveling.  That's easy when I'm planning something to do in the future.  All of our future air travel is on hold.  Although Wisconsin private businesses have started opening, public campgrounds have not.  Unlike western states, Wisconsin's opportunities for dispersed camping are very limited. 

I was really excited to learn that the Kickapoo Reserve in southwestern Wisconsin was going to open up for primitive camping without hookups. Then, shortly after Wisconsin citizens started going nuts hanging out at bars and music venues, southwestern Wisconsin had a flare-up of cases.  Kickapoo Reserve has indefinitely called off camping for the summer season. 

The other ball that I need to keep in the air is Justin.  While Allie is doing most of his care, the two sometimes don't get along that well.  There are also certain less pleasant aspects of Justin's care that we typically do for Allie.  Julia and I won't be a…

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