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Little Cabin on the Brule

Last week, Julia, Callie and I jumped into Julia's car and  drove north for a three day getaway along the Wisconsin/Michigan border.  Our goal was to get deep into the north woods for hiking and snowshoeing.  On the way to our rented cabin along the Brule River, we stopped for a hike in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest south-east of Woodruff, WI. This is a popular area for snowshoeing, which meant that the Raven Trail was well-packed and easy to hike in just my trail shoes with micro spikes.  No snowshoes needed here.     We hiked about 6 miles.   The one-room cabin was located on the Brule River, which happens to be the border between Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  That blue sign to the right of the cabin is the "Welcome to Michigan sign. The cabin was equipped with a small kitchen, so we brought all of our food with us.  That night, we dined on salad, lasagna, and a bottle of Chianti.  It was a perfect start to the trip.  On our next day we

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