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Scamping at Buckhorn State Park

Last week, I camped for a couple of nights at Buckhorn State Park in central Wisconsin.  
The weather wasn't great.  One day, it rained all day.  Again, that meant there were hardly any other people here.  Not a bad thing when Covid is running rampant in Wisconsin.  Like  trends and fashions, it took awhile for Covid to take root here.  But we are now among the nation's leaders in transmission and setting new records for hospitalizations.Time to head to the woods.  Actually, Buckhorn isn't known for its woods; rather, the property contains some of Wisconsin's last barrens.  
Prior to the arrival of white settlers, there were 4.1 million acres of pine and oak barrens in Wisconsin.  Today, about 10,000 acres remain.  Agriculture and fire suppression won out.  Buckhorn has some well-maintained hiking trails--mostly flat and easy hiking.  The Savanna Trail circles a nice pond. The Barrens Trail is short, but Callie and I came across over a dozen wild turkeys just after sunris…

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