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A New Hole

Justin tolerated his tracheostomy and has been breathing with the assistance of a ventilator since Friday.  The next step is a transfer to a specialty hospital, where he will receive speech therapy and learn to eat with the trache.  The average stay there is about 25 days, but nothing has been average about Justin's hospital stay so far, so we will see.   The newest development is the prescription of fentanyl patches to alleviate Justin's back pain.  These take about 12 hours to start to have an effect and then last about three days, supposedly.  When I visited Justin this morning, it had been 15 hours, and he wasn't feeling any pain relief yet.    Too much pain medication means that he is too groggy to do breathing therapy.  Too little, and he is in excruciating pain.  That hospital transfer will supposedly occur tomorrow.  Another day of "one day at a time." 

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