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There are two excellent brewpubs/microbreweries in Mazatlan. One is called Tres Islas, and it’s located a few blocks from where the cruise ships dock at Playa Sur. While we were here, they have had an excellent stout, porter and IPA.  Tres Islas is in a small, old building, has limited indoor seating and no outdoor seating. Their staff is quite knowledgeable and can give a brief history of the IPA origin. They distribute to several bars and restaurants who have uniformly called the IPA “eeepa”, which is how one would pronounce that word in Spanish if one didn’t know it was an acronym:  India Pale Ale. In this setting, however, it’s easy to dismiss such a small error. After all, I’ve already caught several small errors that my fingers made typing this post on my iPhone. Eee pa at Rico’s Cafe The other brewpub is only a mile from our rental and is called Navegante.  It’s right across from the Malec√≥n sea wall and has excellent sunsets. It has the best beer by a small margin. Their sweet

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