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The Sound of Silence

They say that introverts gain energy from reflection and lose energy in social gatherings.  Yeah, that's me.  I like being around people, but it does suck my energy.  This past week, we had a house full of invited guests, and it was great to see everybody.   But when everyone was gone, I found myself breathing a little easier.  One of the things that I really like about our house is the quiet.  We are a long ways from the road and any neighbors.  In the winter, the silence is palpable.   Justin ended up in the hospital yesterday with extreme side back pain.  He told the doctor that he had sprained his oblique muscle.  Nope, the doctor said, pneumonia.  So they set up an IV with antibiotics and opiate pain relievers.  Today, he's already feeling better, but I hope they can figure out what caused the fluid in his lung.   He had pneumonia a few years ago, but it was associated with a bad cold and fever.  This presentation was much different with just the extreme back pain.  Young

Drinking with Duey

Before coming to Mazatlan, I watched a number of youtube videos to prepare for the trip.  Most of the videos were fluff productions, detailing tourist highlights.  One minimalist channel was by a retired Canadian named Dwight Burditt (Duey) who makes videos while taking long walks on the streets of Mazatlan.  

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Duey over beers at Edgar's Bar twice over the last week.  He's a retired air traffic controller, met and married a Mexican dessert chef, Lupita, and loves his beer.  He's about as down-to-earth as they come.


Bill said…
Down to earth and loves beer. Nice.
John said…
My mother used an expression for people like Duey: "Salt of the Earth."

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