Going Camping

Wisconsin state park campgrounds officially open on June 10th at reduced capacity.  Camping is by reservation only, and check-in will be self-serve. 

I have a feeling that it will be almost impossible to get a reservation on weekends.  Also, the reservation fee on top of Wisconsin's fairly expensive camping fees doesn't make me to too excited to sign up.  But...I suspect that it will relieve some pressure on some of the other camping opportunities that should be opening up soon--National forest campgrounds. 

For this first trip of the summer, the plan is to camp on Julia's brother's property up north.  Scott has a cabin on a small lake not too far from Rhinelander.  We stayed there quite often when he was married and from time to time since his divorce, but I haven't been up there since buying the Scamp. He has a lot of lake frontage on a sloping lot. Scott assures me that he has a flat spot to park on.  I hope so.  I don't have any back-up plan. 

Julia will drive separately and meet me up there after she finishes work. After a couple of days, she will head home.  One of my goals is to scout out some potential dispersed sites and/or primitive primitive campgrounds on national forest and county forest land.  If that's successful, I'll stay a couple of days longer.

This week, we celebrated Allie's 23rd birthday. 

My sourdough bread turned out great.  I've been having trouble working with wet dough, and I found a technique that helps with that issue:  flouring the top of the dough, flipping it over, and then turning the sticky dough into itself for shaping.

The weather has turned hot, so Callie and I have moved our hikes to sunrise.

The warming up of the weather means that my farmer neighbor no longer needs steers in his barn to keep the water spigot from freezing. This time of year, he moves half of his animals across the road, putting them on a hillside at the end of my front yard.  I like having them around. 

It's a small farm, and this farmer is definitely "old school."  Davey is about 70 years old and works like a dog, due to broken down equipment and limited resources.  His 40 acres is either too hilly or too wet.  I've never heard him complain.  This is his retirement job after working years as a gravel truck driver.  He inherited the family property from his mother.


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