Early for Snowshoes?

My blogging has slowed down recently, as I’ve been working each day to move posts over to to blogger.  If anything especially exciting was going on, rest assured that I would let my faithful readers know.  But the truth is that not much is going on in my life right now–that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The highlight of the week was our first snowshoe trip of the year.  Conditions were not ideal.  There was just enough snow to cover the rocks and stumps, which made tripping easy.  I didn’t ever fall, but I did have a few close calls.

The nasty blister on my right heel is my own fault.  I decided to hike using a pair of newish boots that my father-in-law Gene gave me this summer.  The fit from front to back was good, but there was too much wriggle from side to side.  I should have known better.  I’m using moleskin now to protect the rather deep wound (no pics).

One of the benefits of copying and pasting all of the blog posts from the beginning of the blog is I get to see where I’ve been the last few years.  I’ve never been someone to spend very much time looking at my own past, but it’s not a bad thing, I’ve decided.


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