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Mississippi River: End of Scamp Season

From October 2021 We started and ended our 2021 camping system on the Mississippi River.   We had one last brewpub to visit:  608 Brewing, named after the area code.  In most parts of the country, you would never see children in a bar.  Wisconsin isn't like most parts of the country. There were actually many kids running around in both the outside space and the inside space. The beer was pricey here, but I have to admit the hazy IPA would have my nomination for beer of the year.   With the Scamp put away, we stayed close to home until December.  The blog will pick up from there. 

Mississippi River: End of Scamp Season

Mississippi River: Iowa Nice

Mississippi River: River Towns and Trails


Happy Birthday, Justin!

Quieter September than Expected

Upper Peninsula: Passing Time on Lake Superior

Upper Peninsula: Ontanogon

Upper Peninsula: Ontonagon Township Campground

Upper Peninsula: L'Anse

Upper Peninsula: Perkins Park to L'anse Park

Upper Peninsula: Perkins Park

Walking along the Great River Trail

Thomson Causeway