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A Couple of Days in the National Forest

After leaving Mike's cabin, Julia and I hitched up and drove southeast for about 45 minutes into the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (say that three times fast).   I've stayed at Boulder Lake campground before, but Julia has not. Most sites are reservation only, but some of the less popular sites are set aside for first come, first serve.   Except for the lakefront sites, most of the campground is well-spaced.  There are showers and a dump station.   We enjoyed a couple of relaxing days here.   

Bisbee Side Trip: Madera Canyon

The drive to Madera Canyon was an exercise in how Google Maps can take you to unexpected places.  Everything was fine until the advice to turn on to Hwy 62, a dirt road with frequent signs warning of drug dealers and human trafficking.  The dirt road narrowed and then started climbing high up into the mountains.  The drop-off was concerning, and then we met a jeep where it was not possible for two vehicles to pass. The other driver expertly backed up into an atv side trail so we could get by in Julia's Subaru.

Once we came down out of the mountains, all was good.  Madera Canyon is a beautiful spot, and we arrived on a day when day fees were waived.

From the trailhead, we hiked along a small creek.


We then began climbing up Mount Wrightson.  The trail got steeper and steeper. We were on the Bog Spring Trail when Julia started worrying getting back down with balky knees.  Soon after, we hit snow and ice, making it easy to decide that was far enough. 

It was still worth celebrating the partial trip up.  We hiked 5.8 miles, ascending 1555 feet.


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