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A Couple of Days in the National Forest

After leaving Mike's cabin, Julia and I hitched up and drove southeast for about 45 minutes into the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (say that three times fast).   I've stayed at Boulder Lake campground before, but Julia has not. Most sites are reservation only, but some of the less popular sites are set aside for first come, first serve.   Except for the lakefront sites, most of the campground is well-spaced.  There are showers and a dump station.   We enjoyed a couple of relaxing days here.   

Bisbee: City of Stairs

Bisbee is built into the sides of the mountain, and many of the homes have challenging sets of stairs providing "access."  Rather than complain about it, Bisbee has embraced its stairs, creating an annual race called the Bisbee 1000.

The actual event is in mid-October, but that didn't stop us from walking the 4.5 mile course.  It' a great way to explore this small Arizona city of about 5000 people.  There are a total of nine numbered staircases.

There are all sorts of interesting things to look at along the way.

Unlike most of our walks/hikes, we took our time on this one but eventually finished all of the staircases.  I was proud of Callie for staying out of trouble with several loose dogs around.  There is only one picture at the very end reminding us of her presence.


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