Headed South: Baton Rouge

During our overnight stay in Memphis, the streets froze again. Everyone was slip slidin’ away.  The temperatures warmed by the time we hit Mississippi, but not enough to melt the unplowed snow in the left lane There were numerous abandoned cars in the median—evidence of the unusual winter storm several days before our trip.

By Jackson, however, the weather reached the 60’s, and the snowy ground was replaced by greening grass. When we made it to Baton Rouge, we were ready to stretch our legs. There is a levy walk along the Mississippi River from downtown to LSU. It felt so good to be outside without a heavy coat, breathing in the scene with all of our senses.

We worked up quite an appetite, and Louisiana is a great place to eat oysters—something we don’t quite trust in Wisconsin. We started off with grilled oysters and then oyster po’ boy sandwiches. We ate at a table by an open door, and there was “open mic” music on the sidewalk. This was the most entertainment that we have enjoyed in over a year.

Next stop: Galveston 


  1. Alrriiiiiiggghhhtt!!!

    And what about the accommodations? Can you recommend any places? Are you doing AirBnb?

  2. Hmmm, no, I can’t for Baton Rouge. We were still on the dog-friendly Budget motel tour. I can tell you that Red Roof Inn and Motel 6 have no added pet fees. La Quinta generally charges $20 extra, unless Julia forgets to tell them about Callie. I do have an airbnb recommendation for later on during the trip but that will have to wait until my posts catch up to the present. I’m a little behind.


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