Baton Rouge to Galveston

Julia and I love the food in Louisiana.  A trip through the state would not be complete without Cajun cuisine.  After spending the night in Baton Rouge, we stopped at a little store outside of Lafayette for some fast food:  boudin balls and crawfish pies. 

The crawfish pies were very tasty.  I've had boudin before but maybe not the balls.  Imagine biting into a ball of spicy sausage and rice, releasing a stream of hot fat.  Probably the most unhealthy food I've eaten in awhile, but still preferable to a McDonald's drive-thru.  

Before long, we were driving into Texas and found a beach.


It felt wonderful to walk under the blue skies, feel the warm gulf breeze, and breathe in the sea smells after the pandemic winter in Wisconsin.  We made our way across the Bolivar Peninsula, taking the ferry to Galveston.

We were still not at our final destination; one more dog-friendly budget motel was necessary.  I dug deep into my pockets for the extra $10 and paid for a room at the Red Roof Inn Plus.  You may ask, "what is different about the Red Roof Inn from the Red Roof Inn Plus?"  After staying there, Julia says that question is unresolved.  

I think it was probably the location.  We could walk 1 1/2 blocks and be at the beach and the main drag along the beach.  If you are looking for a dog-friendly budget motel in Galveston for under $70 in late February, this would be my recommendation.  But I have to be honest, we didn't spend much time in the room.


We were very thankful to spend this time in Galveston.



  1. Been a long time since we've been down in Galveston. In fact we haven't been Gulf-side since sending Elmer back to Missouri to live with another daughter several years ago.


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