Exciting Week in Lodi

We were having a perfectly boring week of social distancing. Then all hell broke loose. I have a neighbor who makes bad choices from time to time. He’s a real nice guy when he isn’t drinking too much or driving too fast.

Thursday morning, he was allegedly doing both.

Somehow, his vehicle hit a utility pole, two cars, and a house. The car ended up on its side just in front of an old man’s living room picture window. The old man was sitting in his living room and could have been killed if the vehicle had bounced differently. My neighbor walked away uninjured. I mean that literally. After the accident, he walked away, across the street, through some back yards, and into the woods which eventually connects with his own property.

We had a front porch seat for the manhunt, which included half a dozen law enforcement vehicles and drones. They caught him just before dusk. Before it was over, we had cop cars driving at a fairly high rate of speed up and down our driveway.

I hope he gets the help that he needs. Being his sixth OWI, I won’t hold my breath.


  1. Odds are he'll be in jail for some time.

    1. Common sense would tell you that, but Wisconsin is the most lenient state when it comes to drunk driving. There is a big variation between the minimum penalty and the maximum penalty. You would think a judge would worry that he is going to kill somebody eventually.

  2. Wow!! Better than TV!!

    Is there a youtube interview with the guy in his living room who narrowly escaped? Surely, HE's had some profound thoughts about karma, life in rural Wisconsin and maybe moving to Tucson. ; - )

    I'm SO GLAD I'm out here in the "wilds" where folks are always telling me: "Be safe!"

  3. Between my neighbor, his kids and his girlfriends, there is all kinds of entertainment that's way more interesting that what's on television.

    No youtube interview of the old guy, but the tv station did interview the homeowner:


    He's got a lovely piece of property backing up to a trout stream. If he wants to move to Tucson, I'd probably buy his house (after its been repaired).


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