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Starkweather Beer Company

 When I moved back to Madison to attend law school in 1987, we moved to a crappy little apartment near the banks of Starkweather Creek on the unfashionable east side.  Today, the east side is booming, and one of the newer brewpubs is called Starkweather Beer Company. It was Saint Pat's Day.  While Guinness is a decent light-bodied stout, I opted for Starkweather's dry Irish Stout, named "Jamestown Jackdaw." Coming in at 5.9 ABV, it had a malty chewable backbone.  It's a new favorite stout for me.  Julia had Late Winter Haze, a New England IPA that didn't have as much fruitiness as she likes in a hazy.  It was still well-executed. We walked down the street to the Harmony Bar, where Julia enjoyed a complete corn beef and cabbage dinner.  I opted for the Reuben sandwich.  Mine was washed down with an Edmund Fitzgerald porter from Great Lakes Brewing.  Julia enjoyed her Chaos Pattern IPA from 3 Sheeps Brewing.  Both are great beers. Justin update:   After a long h

Thomson Causeway

I moved downstream on the Mississippi River to a different COE. 

The river here is very, very wide but so shallow that water plants threaten to overtake it in places. I’ve only stayed here in the early spring when the plant growth was just starting for the season. 

Open channel during spring

Every morning and evening, I am serenaded by sand-hill cranes. Lots of other quieter birds too. The egrets are much more patient fishermen than the humans.

Yesterday, I checked out a new brewery (and only brewery) in Clinton, Iowa, across the river. It was built inside a huge former church and is called Great Revivalist Brewing. 

I had a milk stout on a nitrogen line that was excellent. I’ll return when Julia arrives. I had to check it out first, of course.

Sunset on the Iowa side


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