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Temperature Relief and Update

When I arrived home from the southern Illinois misadventure, the high temperatures continued in Wisconsin with our warmest days of the year.  With our well-shaded home, we rarely use the air-conditioning, but it received its first work-out of the season.   Callie and I took early morning walks (5 a.m. before sunrise) to get our steps in.  Then we both retreated to the basement for most of the rest of the day.   The weather finally turned this week.  Julia was up in Door County with some girlfriends, so I played pickleball every day.  One of the guys I recently got to know at pickleball turned out to be the fraternity roommate of my dormitory roommate.  Small world.  We both like pickleball and good small breweries, so we've gone out for beers a couple of times too.  I had pretty much lost touch with our mutual friend Joe, but Mick has stayed in contact, so it was fun catching up.  Maybe we will all get together someday for a beer. I completed the repair of the Scamp bathroom door a

Straits State Park

While we were at Indian Lake, we made a reservation at Strait State Park near St. Ignace, Michigan and very close to the north side of the Mackinac Bridge. None of the electric sites were worthy of advanced planning, but there were a few rustic sites that faced the beach and had views of the bridge. We nabbed one available for a single night.

There wasn’t a lot of hiking here, except around the campground loops. We did drive into town and enjoy dinner out at Gangplanks up the street from one of the many ferry parking lots where tourists take the ferry ride to Mackinaw Island. We’ve been to the island before, but didn’t feel a need to return. 

Two brews from Keewanaw Brewing

We then settled back for a relaxing evening of beach walks and bridge watching. It didn’t get dark until nearly 10 pm. We are on the western edge of the Eastern Time Zone.

We enjoyed this special place. Next stop:  Traverse City.


Bill said…
Callie: "Don't bogart that smores!"

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