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Allie's Time in Mazatlan

I dropped our daughter Allie off at the Mazatlan Airport after a two week stay here with us.  I hadn't driven the truck in six weeks so it was good to start it up and let it run for the hour round trip.  I do not like driving on the back streets here though.   The neighborhoods are very poor once you get a mile east of the ocean, and the roads are poorly maintained.  Some potholes are big enough to swallow up a small pickup truck.  And traffic is busy with motorcycles and bicycles darting in and out of traffic, pedestrians walking across the road, without looking, and cars occasionally passing on the right shoulder where there simply doesn't seem like there's enough room to get by.  As a result, I saw a lot of vehicles with bent mirrors, dents and scratches. Anyway, I think Allie had a good time hanging out with her elderly parents. Mescal and Tequila Festival All-Star Baseball game The baseball game was very different from ones that I've attended in the United States. 

Mexican Chicken

After about a month in Mazatlan, we're getting a little tired of seafood.  I never thought I would say this. But having fish, shrimp, octopus, and oysters every week makes me yearn for....chicken.

Fortunately, a couple of blocks from us, a family raises chickens and has a small stand on the side of the road.  Here, whole chickens are grilled over charcoal.  One chicken is more than enough for both of us for two meals.  

Simmering Beans

The chicken comes with rice, salad, tortillas and fresh salsa--for less than $10. Upon ordering a chicken, the woman in charge chops it up into easy to handle pieces and bags everything up to go.

All of the Chicken here is free range, which produces both delicious meat and beautiful yolks. Eggs are about $2.50/dozen at either the mercado or grocery store.

One thing that I'll never forget about Mazatlan are the sunsets and sunrises.  This week, shortly after sunset, we saw both Jupiter and Venus easily visible in the dusky sky.



This morning, the full moon was breathtaking just before dawn at 5:40 a.m. on my morning walk with Callie.

Looking north towards the Golden Zone

Twenty minutes later, and I could see the sun coming up on the other end of the beach.

Looking south towards Centro


MFH said…

And good to hear about the chicken. Michelle isn't crazy about seafood but will eat chicken. If I'm still around next winter I'm gonna show her your blog and see if I can convince her to take a couple of weeks off.

Beautiful sunrise!
John said…
We found an even better place for grilled chicken tonight. It was literally hot off the grill--I had to wait a few minutes for the grill guy to finish it up. While I waited, there was a cat watching from underneath a nearby parked car. The grill man noticed and accurately used his spatula to fling a small piece of chicken to the cat. Happy cat! Our dinner was so moist and flavorful. The only thing I didn't like were the beans. The style here is so thin that you need to eat the frijoles with a spoon instead of a fork. This batch was especially soupy.
MFH said…
When Michelle was in Tucson we went to La Buendia where we were the only Anglos. The noise level was INTENSE; all it lacked was some barking dogs.

Having cleaned my plate and still hungry, I asked, in English, for some beans and rice. When she brought them, in two small bowls, she set them, very firmly, on the table while saying, in what sounded like a (hilarious) parody, "Beans and rice."

We thereupon were able to identify the pale brown mush that'd been served earlier. Though the color was similar, the lack of flavor (pressure-cooked?) and thin texture had us mystified. We'd never seen beans like these before.

Do you think frijoles refrito are a new thing? In my youthful travels in Mexico all I ever saw were black beans. And they were always whole.
John said…
I don't know. I've never had the soupy beans until this trip. The texture is not at all appealing to me. By the way, I did have a bout with Montezuma for about a week. I'm pretty sure it was the lettuce and "sauce" that was on a seafood burrito. Not sure why the soupy beans reminded me of that. Well, actually, yeah, you know....some similarity there in texture and appearance. I like my beans at least the consistency of custard.

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