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Allie's Time in Mazatlan

I dropped our daughter Allie off at the Mazatlan Airport after a two week stay here with us.  I hadn't driven the truck in six weeks so it was good to start it up and let it run for the hour round trip.  I do not like driving on the back streets here though.   The neighborhoods are very poor once you get a mile east of the ocean, and the roads are poorly maintained.  Some potholes are big enough to swallow up a small pickup truck.  And traffic is busy with motorcycles and bicycles darting in and out of traffic, pedestrians walking across the road, without looking, and cars occasionally passing on the right shoulder where there simply doesn't seem like there's enough room to get by.  As a result, I saw a lot of vehicles with bent mirrors, dents and scratches. Anyway, I think Allie had a good time hanging out with her elderly parents. Mescal and Tequila Festival All-Star Baseball game The baseball game was very different from ones that I've attended in the United States. 

It's All Good

My wife Julia was pretty worried about this trip.  Friends, family and acquaintances warned her not to go.  What about the cartel?  What about the corrupt police?  Don't get me wrong.  Those things exist in Mexico, but they also exist in the United States.  There's always the chance of being in the wrong time at the wrong place wherever you are, but I wasn't worried.  I admit to being a little stressed by Julia being worried.  

We spent a restful night at the Hotel Ibis in Torreon, ate an early breakfast at the hotel, and headed out around 7:30 a.m.  

Unlike the day before the route today was almost entirely on Toll Roads.  We only had one short police stop during which I was asked for ID and for my destination.  Other than that, it was smooth going.  And I mean the roads were very smooth for the most part, compared to the previous day.  

We cruised past our originally planned stop at Durango and headed for our eventual destination:  Mazatlan.  The scenery on the way was gorgeous.  

There were mountains, lakes, and pines at the high elevations.  During the last couple of hours, there must have been a dozen tunnels blasted through the mountains--most short, but several very long.  

Driving on the two lane roads with an invisible middle third lane was even more challenging in mountains and tunnels.  There were often double yellow lines indicated no passing, but that didn't seem to bother most people.   I stayed alert and moved to the shoulder quickly whenever someone was passing from behind or in front.

We changed into mountain time today and arrived at our hotel in Mazatlan at about 1 p.m, two hours before check-in.  

Are We Almost There?

Fortunately, our room was ready, and we were able to unload our stuff and take a long walk around the Marina. 

We ate a light dinner at a restaurant down the street and headed back to the room early.  Julia has a Zoom call tonight with her weavers' guild back home, so I'm quietly blogging during her call.

Tomorrow, we move to our Airbnb which we have rented on an extended basis.  It was still booked tonight so no early check-in.


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