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Peru Preparations

We are getting closer to the time for our Inca Trail hike and have started final preparations.   Getting there may be the most problematic.  I've talked to lots of people whose travel plans via air this year have been cancelled or who have been stranded mid-trip--unable to get to their final destination in time for their excursion. On this trip, we will be flying from Chicago to Dallas to Lima.  Then boarding the next day on a Peruvian puddle jumper (or mountain hopper) to Cusco, where we will acclimate to the 11,152'  elevation for a few days. Once the hike starts, there will be little to do but put one foot in front of the other for about four days.  This will be Julia's first multi-day hike where she will be sleeping on the ground in a tent.  I've been dreaming about my Appalachian trail thru-hike twenty-five years ago.  I guess those are called flashbacks. Peak elevation will be at Dead Woman's Pass (elevation 13,828').  Should be interesting.  Will take a b

Scamping Again on the Mississippi River

We’ve been spending a few days on the banks of the Mississippi—about an hour north of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. 

Most of the time, I think of rivers as a single water pathway, but the Mississippi River doesn’t limit itself in that way. Much of the wild country is in the algae-covered back channels and bays—much too shallow for the grain barges and yachts that move through the system of locks.  Julia is exploring in her inflatable kayak, while Callie and I stick to firmer ground.

View through the trees behind the Scamp

It’s all good, except for the mosquitoes and no-see-ums. 


  1. How does Julia like her kayak? What brand is it? How much does it weigh?

    1. Julia acquired her old Stearns inflatable kayak from her Dad after he died. It rides low, she says, but the price was right (free). It weighs under 40 lbs inflated, and she brings it along in the back of the truck whenever the opportunity arises. I’m surprised it hasn’t sprung a leak as often as she has used it. So, yeah, she likes it, and it’s a nice remembrance of her father.

  2. This might be of interest....

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