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A Couple of Days in the National Forest

After leaving Mike's cabin, Julia and I hitched up and drove southeast for about 45 minutes into the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (say that three times fast).   I've stayed at Boulder Lake campground before, but Julia has not. Most sites are reservation only, but some of the less popular sites are set aside for first come, first serve.   Except for the lakefront sites, most of the campground is well-spaced.  There are showers and a dump station.   We enjoyed a couple of relaxing days here.   

Downtown Bisbee: Good coffee, Fine Food.

Downtown Bisbee has two coffee roasters, and the familiar fragrance of roasted coffee (burnt toast) was often in the air.  We were usually smelling Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters.  Their storefront was not open, appearing to only sell their coffee wholesale.  In the retail outlets, I wasn't able to figure out the roasting date, so their coffee wasn't an option for me.  Bisbee Coffee Company was open for business and stamped its roasted coffee with a roast date.

Since I rant out of my home roasted coffee in Bisbee.  I was grateful to buy a pound of one-day fresh roasted whole bean from the Bisbee Coffee Company, and it was very good.

We had two great meals in downtown Bisbee. The first was at Thuy's Noodle Shop. What a find!  Excellent pho and squash curry--something we were not expecting to find in a small town like Bisbee.  It may have not have been fine dining, but it was excellent food at reasonable prices.


Our second terrific meal was at a fine dining restaurant called Cafe Roka.  Only open on the weekends, the food was amazing.  We had the night's special:   clams with french bread to soak up the white wine and garlic sauce.  Some people were dressed up in suits.  But I also saw a cowboy in boots come in with a ten inch knife, flopping on his hip.


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