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Mississippi River: End of Scamp Season

From October 2021 We started and ended our 2021 camping system on the Mississippi River.   We had one last brewpub to visit:  608 Brewing, named after the area code.  In most parts of the country, you would never see children in a bar.  Wisconsin isn't like most parts of the country. There were actually many kids running around in both the outside space and the inside space. The beer was pricey here, but I have to admit the hazy IPA would have my nomination for beer of the year.   With the Scamp put away, we stayed close to home until December.  The blog will pick up from there. 

Thomson Causeway


Just about every place has its pros and cons.  Staying at the Thomson Causeway campground on opening day means that the weather can be unpredictable.


It also means that not all of the kinks have been worked out yet.  How many COE employees does it take to replace a hot water heater?  I'm not sure because there still wasn't any hot water in the shower after three days.  I know there were at least two hot water heaters unloaded from pickup trucks and what seemed like half a dozen employees working on the problem.  When I left after four days, there was still a sign up indicating no hot water yet.  The dumpsters weren't there when I arrived, but they did arrive later in my stay. 

But I wasn't camping here for the campground services.  The draw here is the Mississippi River and its backwaters, where wildlife is abundant.



avoiding Callie

pelicans on a Sunday stroll


Sometimes the federal government gets it right.

Made it safely across


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