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July Update

We interrupt your previously scheduled programming to provide a current update. We've been at home for awhile now since our trip West in the Scamp. About a week after arriving home, there was a  celebration of life for Gene, Julia's Dad, who died in hospice earlier this year.  In many ways, it was lovely; I'm not a big fan of funerals.   About twenty people gathered for an outdoor fish fry on a Friday afternoon at one of Gene's favorite restaurants on Lake Wisconsin.  Lots of people told stories about their experiences with Gene, and there was a poster board of photos from throughout his life.   Later, some of his ashes were spread on the water, where Gene loved to fish.  This week, Julia was kayaking on Lake Wisconsin, and a big perch jumped into her kayak.  Coincidence?  She thinks not.   Allie was home for a week.  I did some hiking with Allie and my niece Anna around Devil's Lake. Justin is home off and on for the remainder of the summer.  This is always an unce

Ho, ho ho

Green Giant

During the last week of May, we moved Justin into the summer dorms at UW Whitewater. He will be taking chemistry this summer. Good luck, Justin.

We were on our way west. Our first stop was Blue Earth, Minnesota, where we stayed at the county fairgrounds’ campground. 

Blue Earth is famous for, you guessed it, the Jolly Green Giant and little sprouts too. 

But the real reason for stopping in Blue Earth was to see our friends, Brent and Michele. We had a quick dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and then spent time at their home catching up.

It was a great start to our trip. Next stop: South Dakota. There will be dispersed.camping. Julia is excited, kinda, sorta.


  1. Um....I have to ask...what, pray tell, is there in South Dakota to elicit anything more than, yuh know, "kinda, sorta?"

    Of course, yuh muz be doin' sumpin' right. I mean, she hasn't yet come out with, "I don't THINK so!" (Has she?) : - )

  2. We have been to South Dakota together several times. We both enjoy the state although I probably like it better. Trails, wildlife, incredible scenery are the top draws for us.

    1. And here I thought it was a facsimile of Kansas.

    2. I'll be interested in seeing what you find.


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