Safer at Home

Lockdown sounds so draconian, so Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued a "Safer at Home" emergency order, which basically means the same thing.  Like many states, the lockdown order has many exceptions.  The one I'm particularly fond of is that we are allowed to get out and exercise, provided that we maintain social distancing.

We've been getting out to hike every day.  Our state parks are still open for hiking, so Julia and Allie headed to Devil's Lake yesterday.  This morning, Julia and I left the vehicles at home and walked out our front door to the Lodi Marsh Segment of the Ice Age trail.

It was a perfect day to hike.  The sandhill cranes were calling; the squirrels were out and about; and Crazy Callie, the border heeler, was leading the way for our 8.5 mile hike.

It's a stressful time.  Julia's dad was admitted to the hospital tonight with suspected pneumonia.  We don't know yet whether it's bacterial or viral.  (3/26/20 update: he does not not have Coronavirus or  pneumonia; the diagnosis is acute kidney injury due to dehydration)

Exercise, meditation, prayer.  We all need to manage this weird time that we are in.   Besides hiking, I've moved all of next winter's firewood from my outdoor stacks into the pole shed.  Now it's time for me to cut and split some more wood.  Rain is predicted for the next few days, so I'm not sure how much I'll get done.

I finished a really good book that I downloaded from the library:  "The Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead.  What we're going through certainly pales in comparison to what runaway slaves went through on their attempts to get north.   I highly recommend the book.

I can't recommend this cruise offer that I got in the mail yesterday.


  1. Seems like a cruise would be low on anyone's list. Even during good times they are a petri dish for viruses.

  2. I agree. I am surprised that they are still sending out direct mail offers. Some of the cruise lines may not be in business too much longer.

  3. FREE KIDS!!! That's worse than a free basket of kittens!!

    How'd you get on that list, anyway? Don't they know you have *children*?

    I'll take two of those in the green floating thingie.


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